Dear brothers and sisters in Christ:

I personally thank you for visiting our website.
Our church is a place where we believe in Jesus Christ as our savior, to gather and care each others as brothers and sisters in His name.

Our church is a multicultural and multigeneration church. We come to Southern California from different ethnics in Indonesia and US and different ages. If you visit us, you are going to experience a safe and friendly atmosphere, where at the same time you can grow spritually.

Please come back often to check this website as you will be updated with more information about our Church and if you happen to be around the San Bernardino area, don't hesitate to visit us for the Sunday service or the home fellowship.
Rev. Adri Laatung
Pastor Words


Started out as part of small Indonesian ministry at a big church, some of the congregants felt it was time to be dependent and be responsible on its own. The first organizational meeting was held on May 15, 2006. The church was formed and named Gereja Kristen Protestan Indonesia - USA (Indonesian Protestant Christian Church - USA) or shortened as GKPI-USA. The church name was established in Indonesian language as a symbol of ethnic background of this church. This church is a multicultural church, thus the languages used are Bahasa Indonesia and English.

The very first sunday service was held at the residence of Rev. Adri Laatung. Pdt. (Rev) Adri Laatung was appointed to be the spritual adviser of this church thus named as the senior pastor and the president. The board directors were later on appointed and GKPI-USA was later Incorporated in the state of california on November 29, 2006..

After 3 months GKPI-USA held sunday services at the residence of Pastor Adri Laatung, GKPI-USA found its home to worship at Highland Congregational Church in San Bernardino, California. After two years GKPI-USA held services at Highland Congregational Church, on July 13th 2008, GKPI-USA moved to Getshmane Lutheran Church in Riverside to continue its commitment to serve our Lord Jesus Christ.