Dear brothers and sisters in Christ:

I personally thank you for visiting our website.
Our church is a place where we believe in Jesus Christ as our savior, to gather and care each others as brothers and sisters in His name.

Our church is a multicultural and multigeneration church. We come to Southern California from different ethnics in Indonesia and US and different ages. If you visit us, you are going to experience a safe and friendly atmosphere, where at the same time you can grow spritually.

Please come back often to check this website as you will be updated with more information about our Church and if you happen to be around the San Bernardino area, don't hesitate to visit us for the Sunday service or the home fellowship.
Rev. Adri Laatung
Pastor Words



Gereja Kristen Protestan Indonesia - USA, Inc. is incorporated in the state of California #C29421094 on November 29, 2006.

Gereja Kristen Protestan Indonesia - USA, Inc. is a non-profit / tax exempt status organization. The tax exempt status granted by IRS effective November 29, 2006 and california state tax exempt status granted on February 2008.


2011 - 2013

President/Pasto : Rev. Adri Laatung

Elders :
Alex Katuuk
Anna Mamesah
Jeane Wagiu
Laurina Sompotan
Abraham Malonda

Deacons :
Robert Sarwono
Linda Robinson
Amanda Lantu
Priccilia Lebe
Amanda Kodongan

Youth Coordinator : Rebecca Sitorus

2009 - 2011

President/Pastor: Rev. Adri Laatung
Vice President/Chairman: Broery Souhuwat
Secretary: Rico Sitompul
Treasurer: Bhertus Simanungkalit

Elders (Board Directors)
Broery Souhuwat
Hery Sompotan
Jeane Wagiu
Anna Mamesah
Riris Sitompul
Bhertus Simanungkalit
Maludin Sitorus
Lusia Gondosaputro

Abraham Malonda
Robert Sarwono
Amanda Manopo
Lindasari Robinson